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Thank God for The Fiscal Cliff and ………….

English: Peter Schiff speaking

English: Peter Schiff speaking (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

………the men and women we have elected who are willing to go over it! I recently heard Peter Schiff* speak on the subject and his sentiments were exactly ours. The Fiscal Cliff is the ominous name given to the opportunity we have to put us back on our economic axis. I thank God for the Republicans who are standing on the principle of not increasing the tax rates for anyone. Today they are being demonized, but far down the road they will be viewed as true Statesman.

Going over the cliff is a bullet we need to bite. We have all heard of “kicking the can down the road” many times. This is the expression that has been coined for not standing up to the fiscal responsibility we have been faced with since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear-Stearns. They were allowed to fail and so should have all those who came after them, who were instead “bailed out” by the Federal Reserve. Since our monetary policy was taken off the gold standard, the only thing valuing our currency was and is our and others’ faith in our government and its credibility.

Every time the Federal Reserve prints more greenbacks, the purchasing power of them drops. When we hear announcements of near zero interest rates until 2015 and a commitment to invest = spend = print $40 billion per month ad infinitum it should make us cringe. The mother of all train wrecks is on its way and it is called inflation. The Federal Reserve has even been able to manipulate this monster, but a day is coming when even it will reign uncontrollably at our expense and possible demise.

Satan is the “god” of this Age. Israel and the U.S. of A. are the only 2 vestiges of Hope left in the world today and we are on our way out. Who do you see having more influence in our government and society today than anyone/thing else, the One True God or the One False god? Satan’s single three-fold desire is to steal, kill and destroy.

To steal is to stealthfully take away.

To kill primarily denotes “to offer firstfruits to a god”; then (a) “to sacrifice by slaying a victim,” Ac 14:13,18, to do sacrifice; 1 Co 10:20, to sacrifice; to pay homage, offer sacrifices to a god, and becoming the sacrifice itself.**

To destroy is a strengthened form of ollumi, signifies “to destroy utterly”; in middle voice, “to perish.” The idea is not extinction but ruin, loss, not of being, but of wellbeing. **

This is exactly what has been occurring to the American People under the leadership of several of our past Presidents.  it was very subtle at first and gradually became more and more brazen culminating with our current President, Barack Hussein Obama, in the guise of “equality,” making everything fair, leveling the playing field.

The speaker of the House recently buckled under the pressure and offered to increase taxes on those making over a million dollars a year. On the surface it looked conciliatory to me, but some in his own party rebuked him and rejected the compromise. Why? Because the fight is not about more taxes (stealing) but less spending, less inflation, preserving the shaky value of the dollar.

We need to hope and pray that Obama and Democrats, by and large, do not get their way in the next 4 days. God bless you and God bless America!


**(from Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words, Copyright © 1985, Thomas Nelson Publishers.)

Is the U.S.A. Fundamentally Flawed?

President Obama recently stated that with his re-election America as we know it would become “fundamentally transformed.” Transformation, like most things can be good or evil. The keyword here is fundamentally.

Fundamentally, God is the giver of our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is in Him that our Founding Fathers trusted. To be advocating the fundamental transformation of our country is treasonous. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what our President is talking about. He can speak all he wants about God, because his god is Allah.

I have stated in many of my blogs as well as my book that the one true God has a name as well, YHWH; pronounced by those who are allowed to, as Yahweh. When I speak about God, I am speaking about Him. Everything the Bible says about YHWH, the Muslims convert to Allah. But, Allah is a counterfeit god.

If you saw “2016” you should remember President Obama’s comments about Zakat.  Zakat is suppose to be the obligated giving of wealth by faithful Muslims to the poor. This is, I believe, one of our Presidents biggest platforms, taking from the wealthy and giving to the poorer. This is an aspect of fundamental transformation.

In America, wealth creates wealth for more to be wealthier. YHWH  promises wealth and prosperity to those who apply themselves in a godly manner. Government is not suppose to be a source of equality for all, financially. Government should facilitate wealth for all by staying out of our business, not by hampering our efforts. Fundamental transformation is not what we need in America today. What we need to do is re-embrace our fundamentals.


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