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What a Fool I have Been!

I have to admit, I have been a fool in 2012, just like I have been since 1974; a fool for Christ, that is. I actually expect him to return someday, and someday he will. When he does, no one will know right away. I am sure there have been many times since his departure that many people expected him to return before they died. Yet, they all died, just like Moses, Enoch and Paul, who have yet to see him return.

The believers of Hitler’s time must have thought Hitler was the Antichrist; surely they believed Christ would return before he was able to do so many horrible things. The point is, there are no signs to indicate his return for the believers of this day and age. The Rapture of the Church is a part of the Sacred Secret, that was kept a secret by God until He revealed unto the apostle Paul, through Jesus Christ.

No one, including Jesus Christ, before his ascension, knew anything about the time in which we now live. It stands to reason that there can be no signs in the Bible as to when this Age will end, since no one knew when it would begin. All this and more is in my book at www.fredswolfe.com. If you did not read it this past year, you owe it to yourself, your children and your grandchildren to do so. Since there are no signs announcing the Rapture (Part 1 of the Parousia) there will be no time to prepare for it. If you are not ready now, you could very well be left behind.

If you are left behind, my book will tell you what to expect and how to make it through the Great Tribulation into the Millennial Kingdom where Christ will reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. It will be a thousand years that you will not want to miss. God bless you and happy new year.

Fred S Wolfe II
This book covers many major events recorded in the Bible: from the destruction of the planet Earth between the first two verses of Genesis 1; the new doctrine of the Age of Grace which was kept a secret by God until it was revealed to his ascended Son who co

The Birth of the World’s Saviour, Jesus Christ

The Birth of the Messiah

The 4 gospels are not just 4 different people’s accounts of Jesus’ life.  They each portray Jesus in a different light.  Matthew as a King, Mark as a Servant, Luke as a Man and John as the Son of God.  Mark and John have nothing on his birth, but begin when he was 30 yrs. old. The Birth of Jesus Christ chronologically begins in Luke:

Luke 1:26-39  The Prophecy of Gabriel

26 Mary’s cousin Elisabeth 6 months pregnant with John the Baptist

27 Espoused—(Betrothed) contractually obligated Usually 10-12 months

28 The Angel came in to her physically, eiserchomai, not in a vision or a dream.  Highly Favored—because of her obedience to God

29 Troubled & began to reason—When an angel appears, he doesn’t have a sign on his forehead saying, “Gabriel, the Angel of the Lord.”  And he doesn’t have wings to give him away.  Ha!

29  He didn’t tell her who he was—he appeared as any other man. (See Judges 6:17-22  Gideon)

30 Fear Not—favor or graciousness with God  2nd time he said it

31 3 things—conceive in womb, have a son and call his name Jesus.

32  “     “      He shall be Great(Megas), called the Son of the Highest, The throne of David

33 reign forever and no end to his kingdom

34 How?  I’ve never had sex.

35–39 She went to see her cousin to confirm everything she had been told,

Matthew 1:18-25  The Conception

18 Now, the birth of Jesus Christ was like this:  His mother was espoused to Joseph: legally committed to marry.

Before they had intercourse or consummated the marriage

she was found with child( at this point in time Mary must have told Joseph.)

19 Then, Joseph, when he found out was minded to put her away

Secretly or Divorce her;  See De. 22:23

20 Then an Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream

21 He shall save all people from their sins

22 Fulfilled Is. 7:14,15

23 Joseph took Mary to be his wife

24 But knew her not until after Jesus was born  (Knew, had intercourse)

See Mt. 13:55 for his brothers and sisters

Then, we jump to Luke 2:1-17  In vs.12, 16 we have a babe, brephos, a newborn, that the shepherds found.  Doesn’t say how many there were.

Now, back to Matthew 2:1-16  Now  The Appearance of the Magi  

( about 15 months or so after Jesus’ birth)

1 Wise men—Magos—-Oriental scientists thought to be from Persia

2 Where is he born King of the Jews?

See Is. 11:10;    Dan. 2:48;    1:19,20

No one else in all Israel was looking for him.  The last prophet before this was Malachi in 374 B.C.   400 years earlier.  Daniel’s last record was 50 years earlier in 424 B.C.

The Magi had been waiting to see His star about 500 years.

7—Herod enquired of them diligently when the star first appeared

Vs. 8  young child—paidion, an infant around 15 months old, no longer a brephos.

11 They came into a house, oikia not a manger, phatne and worshipped him

12 They went home another way

13 Angel appeared to Joseph in a dream, again

14 Went to Egypt the next morning.

15 + 16 Herod killed all male children 2 yrs. and younger, approximating Jesus’ age from the time the wise men started their journey.

I hope you spend the rest of your Christ-mas holy day truly celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.  Make him the Lord of your life acc. to Romans 10:9 and search out those less fortunate than you are and help them in their time of need.

See Luke 4:18—–Preach the gospel to the poor, Heal the brokenhearted

Preach deliverance to the captives, restore the sight of the blind, set at liberty them that are bruised.

A Few Reviews of my New Book on Understanding the Bible.

5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to put the book down!, August 7, 2012
This review is from: Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth: A Fresh Perspective To Understanding The Bible. (Paperback)

From the minute I opened the book I felt TRUTH pouring through the pages. I was astonished at the number of scriptures I have repeated over and over in my life, and lived by that were not translated correctly – this book has changed my foundation. It is eye opening. It has made me responsible to question and reprove my core beliefs and walk in truth of the word and not to be mislead. Thank you so much Fred for this message, my only hope is that you continue in this quest and write more books on rightly dividing the word! This is a MUST READ for all Christians and all those who want to know truth!!


I just finished reading Fred’s book. It was sometimes a challenge with quoted passages that could get long before Fred explained them, but staying with it increased my biblical fortitude! Fred helps by explaining translations and errors in translations that are important to understanding intent. I am frankly stunned by the happy, “Sesame Street” rendition of Christianity that I received through life by churches that were too often focused on pleasing and increasing their flock, than on properly explaining the message of the Bible, including its dark and gritty context. I deem Fred’s book to be a very worthwhile read from front cover to final page. Do it for the sake of your soul. I intend to reread it in the future as a reference in comparison to other books and to the Bible itself.

Keith H. Dager
4.0 out of 5 stars ReviewingRightly Dividing the Word of Truth, September 29, 2012
This review is from: Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth: A Fresh Perspective To Understanding The Bible. (Paperback)

To every Readers benefit, author Fred Wolfe has dug deep into historical linguistics; carefully examining the many descriptions, and developments in language over the centuries to present us with a remarkably transparent presentation of scripture.
An intriguing read, `Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth’ will introduce you to Biblical perspectives not common, nor addressed in the contemporary Church today.
‘Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth’ by Fred Wolfe is a real eye opener… truly an enjoyable and compelling book, wrought through years of devoted research, by a gifted Author.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign; Do this, don’t do that, Can’t you read the Signs?

English: An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating...

English: An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating Luke 17:34 in the Bowyer Bible, Bolton, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christians everywhere will tell you about all the current signs of Christ’s return, but do not believe a word they say. There are no signs concerning what is called the Rapture, the Gathering Together, episunagoge, of the Church of God. The reason there are no signs is because the time in which we now live was unknown to everyone who wrote anything in the Bible prior to Saul of Tarsus, A.D. 37-40.

For those of you who have never read the New Testament or are not real familiar with it, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell about the events of the Second Coming of Christ to the earth, which is not the Rapture of the Church. The Rapture occurs 7 years prior to the events you read about there. The mindset of the gospel writers and that of Jesus Christ was that Christ was going to return within 7 years after he ascended into Heaven.

The Apostle John, who wrote the gospel of John, also wrote the book of Revelation and fully expected the things recorded in that book to occur during the first seven years after Jesus’ ascension. But, they did not. Jesus even told some of his disciples that they would not die until they saw the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great glory; yet they did die and no one has seen that yet.

Christians will tell you that Jesus knew everything God knew while he was here the first time but this line of thought is obviously in error. When that Florida preacher was talking about Christ’s return Christians were quick to start quoting Mk 13:32, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.” KJV On one hand they says he knows everything, on the other they say he doesn’t. All that matters is what the Bible really says.

The Rapture of the “saved” will occur with no signs at all; you will not know when to prepare yourselves for it. Do not wait for what is recorded in the gospels or you will wish you had not. God bless!

See more in my new book http://bookstore.westbowpress.com/AdvancedSearch/Default.aspx?SearchTerm=rightly+dividing+the+word+of+truth


How many times have you heard “they are in a better place,” concerning someone who has recently died? It is spoken with sincerity the purpose of comforting a friend, relative or possibly even a surviving spouse. It sounds good, but if you really think about it what better place is there besides right beside the survivor? If there were a better place to be why wouldn’t we all be there?

I do not believe there is any better place to be than being alive. I know the Bible doesn’t teach anything contrary to this even though most Christians think it does. Muslims evidently believe there is a better place or so many wouldn’t be killing themselves to get there. No one is any good to God or to the false god Allah, dead. The Bible describes being dead as being asleep, but one of the differences between the two, since blood is no longer being pumped to the brain, there is no dreaming.

The Bible tells is in Ecclesiastes that there is no reasoning in the grave where we all go when we die; it goes on to say in 9:10 that there is no

  • work–ma’aseh–action, doing or labor
  • device–chesbown–reasoning, reckoning, intelligence
  • knowledge–da’ath–perception, understanding, wisdom
  • wisdom–chokma–shrewdness, prudence, skill
  • no lovingkindness–goodness– will be displayed there Ps 88:11
  • no giving of thanks, no memory Ps 6:5

Besides, if you could see there you wouldn’t be able to see anything because there is no light, just darkness. The grave is where every person who has ever died is today, with the exception of Jesus Christ. Even Jesus was in the grave for a full 72 hours before he saw the light of day. One of the reasons so many believe contrary to what I am showing you from the Bible is, when Jesus was dying on the stake he said to one near him that they would be with him in paradise. One misplaced comma (,) makes all the difference in the world. What Jesus really said, was “I say unto you today, thou shalt be with me in Paradise.”

What he didn’t say was “I say unto you, today thou shalt be with me in Paradise,” because Jesus didn’t go anywhere that day, but to the grave, where he stayed for 3 days and 3 nights! Paradise is always on the earth and nowhere above it. It does not even exist at the present time, but when it does come into existence that individual to whom Jesus spoke those words will be there with him.

There is no better place to be than right here with the ones who love you and the ones whom you love, contrary to popular belief. God bless,


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